Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Some super secret Pole Pound and Pedal training last night. Not that I am focused on doing all that well at this particular race. It has running of sorts in it and for those that know, running is stupid. Is a sub primal instinctive reaction to fear that is activated when a big ass dinosaur shows up. The human race has evolved , dinasurs are dead and we ow have bicycles. See running is stupid. It was more some quality time on the snow with my skate skis, my new skate skis. I love these skis, this was the first time I got to just slide around on them. The first word, fast. Fast skis help compromise average technique. This could be the last time they are used until the race, something about 10 degrees and sun.

Theconditions last night were far from prime, I didn't really care though. Good glide made up for slightly rough snow. There was a secondary motivation for my visit to Copeland. To see how much snow was there and guesstimating how long it will take to melt. I'm craving singletrack, a romp in the woods. The29er is crying for some attention, I'm just wanting to play. So my thoughts, there ally isn't that much, 2 weeks of warm may be all it will take. This also leads to having dry roads. Not to much snow on the shoulder less to melt on the road. Melt dammit. I'm ready to start putting storage wax on all the skis. I have no problem. calling it on the sliding season let the wheels start rolling.

Attempts to put some colour into the legs and arms may happen today. For those in Ontario, thank Andrew Watson for his out of country plans. That always guarenttee great weather here. Enjoy South Carolina, I'll enjoy Ontario.

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