Monday, March 12, 2012

A bad Chuck Norris joke and a great weekend

One season ends another begins, I'm ready. Hopefully Saturday was the last indoor ride for a long time, followed it up with what should be the last skate ski of the year, took the rocket skis down to the bay. This was more for the dogs than for me but I wasn't complaining about being out there. For safety I was restricted to about 10 feet off the shoreline, any farther it and it looked like a skating rink. It was nice to get that last one in, there seemed to be a calm on the bay. No snowmobiles out on the ice, no noise, the sun broke and the wind died down. A great way to finish.

Once home the prep for Sunday began. The biggest thing to do, come up with a new Chuck Norris joke. As I removed Chuck from his winter home in the trainer and given a once over before the returning to where it belongs, on the road. Mother Nature didn't choose to change the weather ,Chuck Norris decided he was bored in the training room and ear flicked her until she changed. I'll stick to my normal job.

Training becomes so much easier when your outside, I like movement. Big day planned, big day accomplished. First half of myride was alone on the TCR with wattage leading the way. Nice warm up followed by a right turn on to Vasey line where I went up and down the hills for the next hour with about 2000 feet of climbing. I was enjoying myself as I suffered, so much that I even turned around one more Tempe to blast the longest climb on the road one more time. What felt like a short time after I left I roolled back into the driveway, at this point I'd put in 2.5hours. Swapped bikes and picked up some company. Shannon was anxious to be outdoors also. I put some ore quality time in on the 29er. Good out and back with Shannon, the last few km's were tough though, Stomach was growling and the energy was fading quickly,understandable as the the 4 hour mark was approaching. The rest of the afternoon was spent soaking up the sun and consuming food.

How long will it be until the trails are clear? I'm anxious.


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