Monday, February 23, 2009

Mixed Excitment.

It was far from a lazy Sunday, well it finished up that way. Dragging but a little in the morning but after a few phone calls the grand plan was coming together. The weather was not exactly agreeable for a long outdoor ride. Hamster wheel time. The nice thing was I wouldn't be alone.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well Lee is both. Friends. same team, same club, same race division.

All the excitement of an long trainer session must have leaked out because Brandon showed up less than an hour later. Movie on, legs a turning.

Now the girls all had an even better plan than us. They were off for a couple hours snowshoe with the dogs. Do you know how hard it is to keep 3 strung out dogs under control. Now add in the mix that they all know what the snowshoes look like and build up even more excitement. Now try putting them on leashes.

Watching the girls getting dragged down the driveway did give us a little bit of entertainment. Another thing of topic was Brandon's bike. I was just riding along and it just broke. Honest.

Actually that is what happened. A crack at the carbon headtube is not a good thing but his other bike is in pieces and he is currently waiting for the warranty frame to come in. Of course Lee and I were both hoping to see the frame snap while he was on the trainer. The things we do to amuse ourselves.

3.5 hours later and 2 movies the legs were pretty trashed. Used the Infinit 5 hour mix and didn't need any extra food. It was nice having the company. We are hoping the weather is a bit more agreeable for next weekends session. Outdoors is the plan at this point.

Well it's back to the real world. Later

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