Sunday, February 1, 2009

go with the flow

It turned into a great weekend for training. Yesterday was spent out with my sister on the skate skis. It's been a few weeks since I was last out. Unfortunately the weather moved in in the early afternoon and b the time we got to Mountainview what was perfect grooming disappeared under a couple inches of fresh snow.

It was also a chance to get twiddle-dee and twiddle dumb out for a good run. You can attach which ever name you would like to either of the dogs. Riley is a little bit special when it comes to skiing, snowshoeing biking, running. Ok wait just about anything involving moving forward. Molly has learned to either lead or follow, Riley on the other hand wants to be leaning on you. This of course makes skate skiing a little hard. Yes he was whacked once or twice by a ski or pole.

My little sister burning up the snow. She is doing really well since this is only her 4th time out on skate skis.

Onto today's fun. Coach had me doing a 3.5 hour session with hill simulation. Even last night I was trying to figure out what movies I was going to watch while doing this. Well mother nature decided to be nice. Plus 1 and sun. Ya like I'm going to ride my trainer when I can go ride real hills.

Headed out into the snow abyss of central Ontario. The mid point destination? My old winter stomping ground, Mount St Louis/ Moonstone. Where else are there good hills than around a ski resort. Of course I did get a few weird looks as I stopped in to refill bottles before I started my return loop.

My weapon of choice was a pretty easy one. Pulled out my retired race bike of a few years back, giant NRS1. I have never been able to sell this bike after doing way to many races on it now I'm beating it up as my winter bike.

The legs were feeling amazing and what Heather has me doing this winter is really working well. I could see it on the climbs and the pace I was riding at on the flats. I'll see the real numbers on Saturday but I can see things being up.

This is how I was feeling while out today. I think it should have said sno-king though with the way I felt going up a few of the climbs. I didn't get mileage and I neglected to charge my gps. I rolled in exactly at the 3.5 hour mark. Of course coming back into town was probably the hardest part of the whole ride. The intersections were crazy soft now from the sun and salt and almost lost in making a way to fast left turn.

Starting into a recovery week this week which is well needed. The legs are feeling it. Time for a little couch time, Superbowl? probably not.


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