Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm weak willed

I just couldn't help myself. I fought off the craving until the last minute then caved. Nope not on training or racing. On a stupid toy that I really didn't need. Dam salespeople.

So here is the story. My cell phone is pretty much attached to me like glue and I have been seen with this growth attached to my right ear (bluetooth). Ya I'm one of those people. I do have a good reason to though. I do own a service company that has the office phones off the hook and my cell almost as much. No I don't talk on my bluetooth while standing in lines or while at a checkout. That's just rude.

Anyways, my phone has been acting up for a while. I guess dropping it fairly often doesn't help. So I hit up rogers last night on a mission, I did my research online and new what I was going to get. "Sold out, your kidding me, what else you got??" These came out of my mouth about 15 minutes after I saw and friend buying something that I bugged him about. "It's a phone Dave not a video game"

So what did I end up with. Nope not a crackberry, came close. I have a new Iphone. I'm weak willed on a Friday night when I'm hungry. The bastards sensed it and jumped in for the kill. For those that don't know I own a major appliance service, I'm the Maytag Man, among other manufactures. So being in service I always tell customers to research things first and not fall pray to salesman. Ya, exactly!! I will say that the phone is pretty cool and is a better choice than what I was looking at.

On the training front, my sister is down for the weekend and were off xc skiing this afternoon at Mountainview. Some skate and classic miles to be put in. Fresh snow last night will mean some good groomed trails today. Photos to come, right now it's food. I'm feeling weak.


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