Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bring the Pain

I thought about it. Last night was the first indoor training session for the Mountainview Cycling Club. After the thrills and excitement of Sunday's snowshoe they still wanted me to plan it out. Of course I had to promise that there were NO lake crossings. Even though everyone was on their trainers I think they still kept looking around and waited for me to say "we have to go this way, trust me it's safe"

The first workout was pretty sane and was more to see where everyone was at. We did get a chance to watch Lee ride the rollers the same way he does on the trails. Full speed, balls to the wall with no brakes. Ya, Lee crashes a lot and he is the first to admit it. He also happens to be the fastest rider in the club being the current senior expert provincial champion. One more reason that MCC is building for world domination. Watch out Lance we may start racing road!!!

I'm going through outdoor riding with drawl right now and looking at the long term weather I don't see any coasting in the near future. Lots of snow then when the wonderful sun comes back 9haven't seen it much lately) minus 22 temperatures are going to keep me on the trainer.

One thing that is taken care off is Summer Solstice registration. The focus! Anyone interested in racing may want to get off your butt and sign up since I've heard that space is selling out quickly. Largest 24 hour race in North America and it's usually sold out 3 months before the event.

With Solstice on my mind it will help me get through tonight's workout. More on that later.

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