Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well the ramp test showed what a couple weeks off can do. Well it's time to have that result go the other way.

My training program has been altered a little bit.Because you're only as strong as your weakest link and mine being my knees the original wattage works out will pretty much destroy me. My fantastic coach has made some adjustments and I'm feeling a relieved and like the new schedule. I think there will be some big improvements made with it.

I had a bit of a free day today so my OCD dog hinted me. Ya that means she paced around in front of me every 15 minutes until I stopped what I was doing and grabbed my skis. Walking with a Weimeriner is pretty much a waste of time if you are planning on tiring them out. Remember that the Molly Monster has done 3.5 hour trail rides with me in the summer and still wanted more.

Got to Mountainview around 1 and did a nice 13km loop. Unfortunately the glide on my skate skis was pretty much non existent. It was still a good workout for where my legs were at. Molly is still looking at me and you can see it in her eyes. Can we go again???? Please Please Please. Did I mention her OCD. She is cute though and still tops the scale as my best training partner.

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