Thursday, January 1, 2009

finished to start another

Another fun year. This was definitely a mixed year for me with a lot of highs and lows Overall I had fun and still pulled out a couple good results. Had a few things about my body that I learned this season.

First off have to thank all my sponsors that put up with me this season. It was a change racing on a hard tail again and it became a love hate relationship with my bike. Some days it loved me other days it raped me like a $*^@$#.

I also found out some wonderful things with my stomach and it took a few months for it to show me the root cause. No cheese for me. A had a couple real problems with sever cramping that took me out of races. Well considering some of the food I would eat which has always worked in the past are no longer tolerable for my lactose intolerant stomach. I miss Ice Cream!!!

On the good side of things. I finished on the podium 5 times. It was also my first year racing the Ontario Cup series along with my first Cyclecross race. I'm back at the O-cup for 09. I also dnf'd as 4 as a gentleman from Misfit keeps reminding me. I'm trying to be nice Peter. I also lost my title at the Mountainview 9 Hour to one of Peter's riders.

Made a few mistakes this year the biggest was doing way to many races. That is changing for the 2009 season. I still have a busy race season planned but I'm being a little saner on all the endurance races.

Favorite course for the year was the 24 hours of Hot August Night's

Least favorite was the Uxbridge Icebreaker. It was a running race this year. Record snow during the winter left huge sections unridable.

Favorite moment during a 24 hour event, hammering out the first lap at Hot August Nights.

Worst. 2:30 in the morning on the other side of Sugar Shack, with help got moving again just be told to stop to save my knees. Was in 4th place at that point. That carried on my shoulders for a long time.

Best change for the season. The new house

Best addition to my training. Andrew Parry, new training partner. Keep your friends close and your competition closer.

The big plans for 2009.

Summer Solstice solo, Hot August Nights will either see me on a tag team and try to take a place or two higher than my 2 third place finishes or there are talks on a fast 10 person team. That is still to be decided.

Ontario Cup has me racing with the Senior Experts this year. Yep, going to be racing with guys 10-15 years younger than me. I'll also be hitting more O-cups this year and also the Canada Cup at Hardwood Hills.

As for 8 hour races. Mansfield will be a Tag Team with my Physio. Dr Bill is ramping up for his first 8 hour solo and I'll be working for Solstice. There will be a different approach to this race. The other main race will be Mountainview with hopes to regain my title. Mr. Summers if you're reading this. It was a great battle this year till my stomach went nuts.

I'm also going to try and update more often, daily is the plan.

It's test day and the start to the 2009 race season. Time to play

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