Sunday, January 4, 2009

shut up and pedal

It's that time again. Pedal for miles and miles and not get anywhere. Today was a base day and I pulled out the rollers. The rollers are love/hate. Actually I love the rollers until I fall off. Doesn't happen to often but I have sprained a wrist once when I slammed into the couch. A good tip that I learned from that. Watching an Mount Everest documentary on a five foot screen when they are panning across the mountain is a bad thing. Yep my head followed and so did the bike.

Today was smooth with no burnt rubber smell of a fast stopping tire. I've found that the rollers are the best way to check the body alignment also. Ride no hands and see what the bike does. If it tips a bit you are outta whack. Cyro or massage time. I didn't want to let go to much this ride with nearly two weeks since my last visit with Dr. Bill. I swear I would be walking in a circle if it wasn't for him.

Anyways, back to the ride. To keep me motivated and not looking at the clock I through on old faithful.

Seems to get me moving every time. Followed that up with dvd from this guy.

Neil has been making videos of all the Ontario races now for a couple years. He includes a lap of the course from his view. It's cool to watch. Of course Neil has been told by many that he huff and puffs a lot. I guess having a 2 pound camera on your head is a lot of extra work. Check out his collection. If we can't ride single track for at least a couple more months seeing what it looks like helps


Jeff Moote said...

"if we can't ride singletrack for a couple more months"

I rode singletrack for 2.5 hours today - you just have to like riding in the snow.

Matt Spak said...
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Matt Spak said...

Thanks for the teasing Jeff.

The new house is 5 minutes from Mount St Loius ski resort so needless to say the singletrack here is about a 1-2 feet under the snow.

Mountainview has full xc ski open so no luck there either.

Now on the other side, georgian Bay is almost ready to ride on. Great base riding on the ice.