Friday, January 16, 2009

Inspiring movies.

Last night I went to the Banff Film Festival Tour. Talk about amazing. No, I didn't fly to Banff on the Ford company jet. It was on loan. This is a tour that shows clips of the best films from the 2 week long festival held in the fall. Yep, amazing.

This was my first time seeing this and I'll be back for sure next year. I'm even thinking about going to see the big event. Like anyone needs a reason to go to Banff. Anyone who has not heard of this event but rides bike has heard of 24 Solo. This came from the Festival a couple years back.

This year the feature film was Red Gold, an environmental documentary on a copper mining company trying to move into a spot in Alaska. The problem with this was this particular spot is the starting point for the largest Salmon fisheries. Really makes you think about needs and wants.

There were a couple climbing movies, one called The Sharp End caught my attention. Great story line and amazing climbing. It does bring out the lighter side of the climbers.

The final film comes from the Canada's own west coast and one of the most amazing people to watch. Ryan Leech takes things to another level again. Every film played was awesome and how often do you hear every person in the theatre cheer or gasp in sequence. If you have a chance to go, go. Tip, buy tickets early as this normally sells out fast.

Back to the real world.


jenn said...

Not sure if we'll make it this year but it's awesome. we've been about 4 or 5 times now. You'll definitely make it an annual event. by the way, they show different films in each town so you definitely could hit another town

the original big ring said...

we're going on the 26th here in Ottawa