Tuesday, January 6, 2009

bend me, stretch me.

Work and play have collided at full speed. After 2 weeks of holidays it was time to turn the work brain back on. Yes there were vast amounts of coffee used. Awww sweet coffee.

Added into the regular routine in treatment from Dr. Bill. Why is it that the people you ask to help you seem to hurt you. Is it love?? Or is it that they know you will shut up and take what ever they give.

Dr. Bill strapped me into this and left me for dead.

Opps wrong one. That's my fun machine.

This is to help take some strain of my back. Spinal decompression. I did this all winter last year and it really helped counter all the abuse I put on it once in the trails. I used to be 6 foot 2 but with the pounding from the hard tail has me some where around this height of these guys.

Time for another day of play. Have to pay for all the time off.

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