Tuesday, January 27, 2009

little indoors a little outdoors

Had a great hour and a half snowshoe with the Monday Night Something crew last night. This week was an adventure in Midhurst forest. We headed out from the county of Simcoe building. Now one strange thing that happened on Monday had nothing really to do with snowshoeing. It was the parking lot. The Molly Monster was the first to find it.

Molly is a bit of a drama queen but she is still on of the best training partners around. I let her of the car as everyone got prepped for the snowshoe and she started to walk a little funny. It first I didn't think much of it. Andrew let Starbuck out and no more than 30 seconds she started to whimper and hold up feet.

The township building had so much salt down in there parking lot that it was burning the dogs feet. A quick prep and the dogs were up on the snowbanks till everyone was ready. Interesting that they had so much salt down when not really needed. A few conspiracy theories popped into my head.

Anyways, it was good to get out and get a bit of fresh air back in the lungs. I need it since it was back on the trainer tonight with a few intervals and a bit of technique work. the great thing with all this indoor riding is I have been playing with bar, brake, shifter and grip position on the Anthem and I am pretty much happy with where everything is now. I have yet to set up the second bike.

I received an email today that called me on the road trip idea. Looks like I better get my passport info mailed off. I forgot that I now need it to cross the U.S. boarder and after hearing some of the fun Jacob went through I want to make sure I have everything in check. I don't think I look like a shady person but just in case I happen to go on a bender the night before the trip.

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Anonymous said...

The new drivers license you received when you moved is intended to be a border pass.. so you can use exclusively or at least until your passport shows.