Monday, January 26, 2009

making things a little easier

My buddy Neil just sent me a link to his latest creation. For anyone that has been to any race in Ontario you know who he his. Yep that guy with the video camera strapped on and a CadenceXC jersey.

Well Neil has taken things to the next level. We all know how boring sitting on the trainer can be. Yesterday's 3 hour session was a mix of Dennis Leary dvd's and a mtb bike movie. Well check out this site

Once you have signed in there are videos of different races from mountain biking to adventure racing to running. Now what makes this different that this is an interactive site and YOU!! can upload your videos onto the site for others to watch and train to. Another good perk would be getting a preview of a race before you sign up.

I've been a fan of the CadenceXC videos for a while, with 3 feet of snow out sign even seeing dirt on tv is a good thing.

Check out the site, post some videos, we still have 2 more months of indoor riding. This makes it just a little easier to deal with.


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