Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trapped indoors

Southern Ontario just got hit with a deep freeze. Went from minus 3 this morning to minus 18 here and dropping like a rock every hour. They are calling for temperatures close to minus 30 not including the windchill. That means no outdoor play for me. I'm brave not stupid. The skis are hanging up for a few days but the timing was right because Heather has me doing some very specific workouts over the next 5 days.

So since I'm trapped indoors I figured that it was a great time to put my 2009 race schedule together. A few changes from the last couple years.

First race which has always been the Uxbridge Icebreaker may not happen. I think this will be a last minute go. With the snow we have right now if the course is anything close to what it was last year I'll be skipping the race. It was more of a cross race but the decision is based more around knee strain. Oh ya running is stupid. Looks like the date has been moved to April 5th.

Next up Paris to Ancaster. Gotta do it. Looks fun. Then comes the first O-Cup at Mansfield. I'll be lining up in the Expert 19-29. Yep having my mid life crisis early. It's also the only way to move to elite. Yep it's going to hurt. Albion O-Cup is next.

First endurance race is the Spring 8 hour. For a change I'm racing Tag with Dr. Bill. Will be a fun change. Canada Cup is the next weekend then Boler O-cup the weekend after that. All this are warm ups for the big event of the year at this point. Summer Solstice will be done solo again. I've started working on my anti rain dance already.

It's a little crazy for that month in a half. but I'll have a couple weeks of sanity till Buckwallow O-Cup and Mountainview O-Cup. The only event not setup yet is the Mountainview 9 hour. Thomas when???? I need to regain my title. Mr. Summers are you there?? This is the big factor into what happens for Hot August Nights. Tag team or 10 person. Ya, big difference.

That also factors in on whether or not I do Provincial Championships. The only other event on my interest list is Paul's Dirty Enduro. There are a few races in the northern states in September that are options but I'll get to that once the time comes. It is 9 months away.

Should be another great year of playng in the dirt. If it warms up and melts all this snow. Till then.

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