Sunday, January 25, 2009

little this little that

I've now been trapped indoor riding for the last 2 weeks and haven't been on my skis almost as long. Am I getting cabin fever? Am I going to start chopping through doors with an axe?

I can now see why he snapped. Last weeks snowshoe is probably what is keeping me from going over the edge. Right now I'm trying to get myself jacked up on coffee for motivation to do my 3 hour INDOOR ride today. I'm supposed to make the workout simulate hills. Ya this is going to be boring because there is no coasting on the other side of a trainer hill.

I did attempt to break my house isolation with a trip to Chapters yesterday and came across this.

I'm always looking for more ways to keep my body from becoming a pretzel. There are lots of pictures, I like picture books, and descriptions of the poses along with some basic routines. The bonus is the dvd in the back which I am yet to watch.

On other news front the Mountainview Cycling Club elections were held. With the thoughts of world domination we now have two family's running the show. Hmmmm I think we might have a little mafia action starting in Midland cycling community. Thomas Wood will continue with what he started by leading the MCC again this year but we also have the Brewer camp joined into the mix.

Thomas Wood President

Greg Brewer Vice President

Erin Wood Secretary

Angela Brewer Treasurer

This group will either lead us to great things with their leadership skills or by killing off the fastest racers from other teams and burying them somewhere in the back 40 of Mountainview. If you have ever met Greg you should be afraid, very afraid. He has broken two crank arms on spin bikes. Ya, I know, how did he do it? I think breaking bones of skinny cyclists will be easy for him.

Time to stare out the window and daydream about climbing hills, mountains, rainbows, stacks of french fries. Get up and ride.


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