Monday, February 9, 2009

they never learn

So obviously not everyone from the MCC heard about the last snowshoe death march. That or they heard an altered story because we had a great turn out on Sunday. 18 people, 4 dogs and little bit of sun. Of course the ones that were on the last adventure were a little happier when the destination this time was Copeland Forest.

This is one of the best places to ride in central Ontario, one because it's free. Free is good, two the climbing is tough but the pay off on awesome downhill single track makes it all worth it. Well it will be a few more months before we see the dirt so it was a one foot in front of the other day instead.

Now since there was no lake for me to lead them across we still needed a few challenges. In this case narrow snow covered bridges. There were a few.

We only lost one. Honest.

Lee and Dr. Bill enjoying the flats. The fun began just after this. We had a mild day Saturday which really softened thing up then a cold night of minus 10 gave that perfect layer of crust on top of 2 feet of wet heavy powder. Yep hard slugging if you were breaking trail.

Between the trees is the Chain Gang grunting it up the ravine.

Because of the conditions people began to fatigue a bit earlier and with the long steady climbing we ended up turning back towards the cars at the hour twenty mark. Still 45 minutes away. I've yet to download my gps to see how much climbing we did but I know it added up quickly. I just have to look at the energy of the Molly Monster today. She has none.

They are calling for weather in the pluses for the next couple days and there may be a chance of some good outdoor rides. Today was a cruel day at work as I looked at perfect clear roads, no wind, lots of sun and plus 1. Mother nature can be a real tease.

Back at it tomorrow


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