Sunday, March 1, 2009

Before it goes.

I had the intention to spend close to 4 hours on the bike today. The sun was out, the temperature was a few degrees higher than yesterday. Perfect. Then someone happened to mention that it's March 1st. March means spring. Spring means warm and warm means no more snow. HMMMM. I also noticed that my dog was acting like a 5 year old that ate a jar of sugar. Decision was easy.

Headed up to to Mountainview with both my skates and classics with a strung out dog in the car. Conditions were going to be questionable after all the rain and then the flash freeze. Started out on the skates, that lasted all of about 3km. Unfortunately the grooming was not at its best and trying to ski around the ice death balls was far from enjoyable. Quick switch and a hopefully good guess on wax and I was off on the classics.

Molly really didn't care what I was on, she just needed to run. Ive found that I can control my heart rate a lot more on the classics and settled in to a nice pace in zone 2 and up to mid zone 3 on the hills. Grip was not the greatest but bareable. Got into a great rhythm and just soaked up the sun. It also gave me a chance to think about this.

24 Hours of MountainView

I've done this race in the past on a 4 person team. Lots of fun but I'm happy that I won't be doing it again this year. The offers were out for teams but I have no where near the miles in to want to race in this. I had contemplated doing this solo once. Then I came off the alcohol induced daydream and played on the team. Of course there are always a few that do it. I'll definitely head up there for some social time and possibly a beer or two. There is always a good bonfire and music playing.

Of course I did get some great miles in today. 3 hours total and one tired dog. A little short of my planned workout. Sorry coach, ran out of warm daylight. This will probably be one of my last skis of the year. Ok, so I'm hoping it will be because it can all melt tomorrow and I'd be happy.

It's recovery week for me. woohooo Heather just sent my schedule for the week and when I saw the word rest I was very happy. There is still some bike time though. Should be fun.

Need more food. Later

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