Sunday, March 29, 2009

A nice sponsorship perk

The decision to flip 2 training workouts around was a good one. It is pouring rain out this morning and no signs of clearing. I can handle a couple hours of intervals on the hamster wheel but base miles are boring. The weather was one of the reasons for flipping here is the other.

One more reason for you to click on the link to the right and start using INFINIT. Besides me, the guy with the bad stomach saying how well this works for me with no problems at all how about the best 24 hour solo rider ever telling you the same thing. Chris Eatough is a user and abuser of INFINIT also. So where am I going with this.

Here, I'll be sitting on my ass this afternoon with laptop on watching, listening and learning. This offer is open to all INFINIT customers. The company runs webinar's once a month with different athletes. Of course I had to sign up for this one. An hour and a half of info from the Chris will be great and it is interactive.

Click on to the right, order something and then sign up for this perk. Oh don't forget to use the promo code MATTMTB. It saves you 10%, that's better than any government stimulus package and this stuff tastes a hell of a lot better than anything they are feeding us.

Rain, rain go away.

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