Thursday, March 12, 2009

BLAH!!!! The Sequal

I did make an attempt.

Got to the end of the driveway and turned up the hill, fine no worries. Top of the hill turn right and there it was. They said there was going to be gust of wind up to 90 km/h. I guess the weatherman was right for once. I used some of my favorite words that I will not repeat on here. Rode around the block, and and headed back to the house.

I'm just about indoored out. It's harder now mentally to stay on the trainer than it was in January when I knew it was to cold out. I want to ride outside!!!! I want real hills!!!! I would love to see dirt!!!

Since I was stuck staring blankly at the tube it made sense to do some course research. Put in a past Hot August Nights race dvd at Albion Hills.

The Cadence XC videos have really helped me this winter. Neil always does one lap with the camera. I found myself trying to turn when he did. Seeing some of my favorite sections of singletrack helped. Ok no it didn't. It makes me want to ride outside even more.

I moved a total of 10 feet in 2.5 hours. Had to grab a bottle off the counter once. Looks like I'll be doing the same thing tonight. Rocky made 6 movies, hopefully I don't go for 6 in a row.

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