Saturday, March 21, 2009

Running the Chute

Where to go, what to do. Well I had the what to do given to me by my COACH, the where to go up to me. I had to maintain a pace for intervals so the least amount of interruptions on the road the better. Big Chute Loop it is.

Headed out as early as my fingers and toes would allow. Spring has seemed to have been put on hold the last couple days and I rolled out of the house with the temperature still below the freezing mark. I had an afternoon agenda so I had to get early.

The roads were perfect almost zero traffic for the whole ride. The waving did continue today, it's a brave new world??? After a nice 30 minute warm up the first interval began. I've been come an addict to my Iphone and have now step up to using the genius feature where it lays out a play list that should flow together. Why was it that a mellow song came on as soon as the interval started?HMMMM what type of genius is it?? My legs were a little draggy for the first minute or so but then things began firing.

Finishing up the third interval I started to trip out. I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating because of the lack of oxygen to the brain or if I found the Partridge Families secret hide out.

I still laugh everytime I ride past this place. I wonder how much drugs were taken while they painted. I'm very happy that I was to young to remember the 70's.

Finished up the coaches requirements and now had the rest of the ride to enjoy. One of my favorite sections of this loop were ridden at a much saner pace than normal.

The sand was pretty think in places. Not much leaning done for the next 6-7 km. Slicks and sands don't mix to well. Back out on Honey Harbour Road I was able to pick up the pace again.

The whole time I've been trying to plan out my route for tomorrow's long ride. I'm hoping to snag some company. I thought that Mr. Watson may join me for part of the ride today but he was voted to ride in another direction. I should have voted or tried to rig the election.

My afternoon agenda if you are curious consisted of spring cleaning. Not the house but the yard and the Audi. The yard is the big challenge. I spent 5 years building the yard at the old house so that there was next to no maintenance but yet it was very warm and inviting lots of trees and shrubs etc no grass to cut. Meant lots of time to train and lots of time for recovery. Well the new house is a little different. The fact that I have half an acre in town means lots of work. Can we do a 24 hour yard work race?? Lots to do.

Next up was the car. How can the Molly Monster create such a mess in the back when all the dirt was hidden under snow for the last 4 months?I'm trashed, time for the couch. More tomorrow.


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