Sunday, March 15, 2009

no directions needed

I've been in the new house for about 5 months now. I didn't move far from where I used to be but it has opened up the option of new routes. With the stress of work this week I needed something different to keep me on the bike. Yesterday was one of those "lets see where this road goes" rides. It was what I needed.

Headed south on Upper Big Chute Road towards Town Line.

Sporting my new helmet. Another Giro Atmos to keep my brains where they should be if I fall. I've ridden Town Line a few times but usually turned right at the end to head back home, not today. Turned left on Marchmount line. 10 minutes later I came to this.

Pictures don't do it justice. It was the coolest water falls and rapids. Signs that spring is almost here. Turned right on some other road that was paved. Yep very direction oriented ride. Next thing I know I'm on Bass Lake Side Road.

They have been paving roads out this way but I had know idea which ones so I just kept pedalling until I hit gravel. This is a route I will ride a lot more often. No traffic, good rolling hills with a few steep climbs. Oh and great pavement.

Turned north on the 10th line towards Horseshoe Valley. More new pavement from last year. Oro/Medonte is planning on paving all there side roads which will make this a cyclist dream.

Made my way to Warminster to top up the bottles before heading north towards Port Severn. The ice is breaking up quickly. Another sign of spring.

This was what really got me.

Yes that is a caterpillar. A little more anxious than me??? Maybe.

Finished up my 4 hour ride feeling pretty good. 109 km of base. New roads, found a few more potential loops. I'm a happy camper with a little less stress. For now.

I tried something a little different on this ride. No big ring allowed. I did run out of gears a few times but this forced me to spin. I love my 53t and will be using it today. A couple hours of intervals today, heading out very shortly. Need to get the work done early today because it's a special day. It's my number one supporter at all the races.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister and I have organized a little surprise for Mom's 60th. I know she won't read this till Monday.

Sun is out, temperature is rising, time to ride.


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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Happy Birthday Matt's Mom!

A caterpiller. wow. That is a great sign. But he's pretty insulated as far as insects go.