Thursday, March 26, 2009

Options, Choices, Decessions

I'm an anal planner. Mr Organized so I've been thinking about this even though it's such a minor thing. What do I do about the Uxbridge Icebreaker. My coach has already sent me next weeks schedule. She knew I would have been calling, emailing, smoke signalling any moment. Planner's are predictable.

I have it as a tentative, why? Well last year turned into a cross race but the dismount sections were very very long and running through rutted snow was not a great thing for my recovering knees. Well the knees are really good right now. HMMM, the choices are these.

Race pace options, I can either hammer it and do my blow out the legs ride that is scheduled for Saturday or I could just cruise it and that will cover the 4.25 hour recovery/base ride that should be on Sunday. I'll be honest. I really don't think I could cruise it. It's just not in me. I'm to weak mentally to not hammer right off the line.

The next options are associated to the first. Which bike? Cross bike is optimum but I could also run the single speed. Possible. Another option is to get the old NRS race ready (needs a bottom bracket). Neither of the Anthem's are coming out for this component killer. More than likely it will be the cross bike.

Of course all of this is weather dependant. I love racing in the crap conditions but the way the snow is melting I am seeing conditions similar to last year a strong possibility. They will be posting the trail conditions sometime this weekend. This will start to influence my decision.

One final influence could be my friend Tanya. If Craig skips the race she could be crashing here. Of course she would lay some sort of guilt trip on me to ride. Would probably sound like one of my favorite ones. Are you riding or are you hiding.

I do like this race though. After a long winter I swear we could be racing on a gravel parking lot and I would be there with a smile on my face. It's going to be a week of talking nice to Mother Nature.

Rest day so I'm resting.



the original big ring said...

conditions should be good and no where near last years (from what I read about last years!). Was planning on riding the new cx, but that plan has bee kiboshed. Looks like I will most likely do it on the ss.

the original big ring said...

i stand corrected: