Thursday, March 19, 2009

planning ahead, way ahead

Well the ground work has been set for what could be the most enjoyable 24 hour race I've ever done. I know that it's the complete opposite of my normal plans but I'm going to be racing on a corporate 10 person team for Hot August Nights.

WHAT??? You wussy, yayayaya. Why am I doing it. One, because it will be fun. Two, I have the Mountainview 9 Hour the week before and my legs will be trashed. I found that out last year after racing on a 4 person team one week after the 9 hour. I payed for that one but it was worth it. Pretty winners jersey.

So why else am I a little excited about this team. Well let's just say that it will be a little bit stacked. We will be racing in the Pro/Expert division. Any less would be sandbagging. SO who is on the team. Just go to any of last years Ontario Cup results and look at the top 5 in both the senior expert and the pro/elite divisions. That's the team.

There have been talks that we will have a betting poll amongst ourselves for fastest laps. Of course beating Andrew or Ben or Jacob may be a bit of a challenge. As for the team name, we are the Monday Night Something. Our apres race season, screw around on either single speeds or snowshoes for a couple hours group.

I know my focus should be on my solo efforts for the season but this is going to be so much fun, how can I not be excited about it. a total of 3 laps ridden with 7-8 hours between laps, full out. How could it not be fun. I'm used to being the fast guy on the team. Not in this group, hell I'll be fighting it out not to be the slowest on the team.

Oh and we won't be riding single speeds.

Gotta run, work time.


Froggie said...

So what's your new MTBR screen name now?
"Matt 24 big ass team"?
"Matt 24 solo nogo"?
"Matt 24 solo solong"?

Big team should be fun, but I bet you miss the suffering of the long ride.

Matt Spak said...

I have one 24 hour solo this year and a couple 8/9 hour solos. It's just going to be a fun change. Of course you are right that I will miss doing a lot more laps than 3.

Froggie said...

At least you'll have lots of time for beer between laps.

Benno said...

I dunno who said what but I'm not on the team. If I do a 24 this year it will be with Cycle Solutions. Sorry big guy. Look out for 3-Rox if they race.