Tuesday, November 11, 2008

keeps going and going

I felt like the energizer bunny this last few days. Then some reality kicked in late last night.

We had a few amazing days of weather and of course I took advantage of it with a few extra long rides on top of my regularly scheduled training. Well I felt the results last night of the additional miles. I have a good excuses for why i rode a little longer each day and they are good ones.

i probably needed the rides because it's distracting me from the stress of the house. Run around crazy for a couple days then wait. Then do it all over again. Arg.

Monday may be football night for some but not all. The smart ones are meeting up for the coolest night ride in Ontario. This was the second week at the 7th line. Criterium for this ride. If you have a singlespeed you must ride it and no matter what the conditions the ride is on. Oh ya ride starts at 8pm so bring your lights.

This week brought out 7 plus the Molly Monster. There is a new challenge amongst us, to bring the most retro, scariest or most pimped out single speed we can build. Right now the top two are Jacob with a pimped out CCM rigid. Yes I said CCM with a steel rigid front fork. How the pimp part comes to the carbon crank and shimano xtr wheels he has on it.

Lee is running a close 2nd with a Trek 4500. Ya, I know a Trek. No big deal. It's all about the wheels. This is a picture from a few months ago. Same wheels. I want to see them Chromed, or better yet with spinners attached!!

Mr Watson came out also. Luckily for all of us he had legs of rubber after an incredible weekend of cyclocross. Finishing as the top Canadian on day 2 of the UCI weekend in Toronto left him a little tired. Check out his blog to the right.

We had a dusting of snow during the day making everything just a little bit brighter. The trails were perfect. My legs on the other hand were not. A couple of the climbs kicked my ass and I found myself pushing the bike alot faster up the hill than if I'd been riding. It was expected though.

Back to the best SS award, I'm on the hunt for a Venture to build. For those non Canadian readers, Venture was sold at Zellers, the Walmart of the north.


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Ryan said...

Ok, I had to laugh about your comment regarding the Venture!

You might want to look into some extra safety equipment if you pursue that :p