Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dear Mother Nature,

Please continue being kind.

Your favorite cyclist

The last few days have been amazing. Spent Saturday playing in the trails with Lee, Andrew and Rob. The 8th line was perfect for a 3 hour tour. Lee and I got into a "what ever you can do I can do better" game with logs and obstacles. I think the logs won in the end.

Cyclocross was originally on my agenda for the fall. Yep, thought it would be a great way to finish up the season. Then I raced one and went into early retirement. I did have fun at my one and only race of the season but it was a pretty easy decision. My knees are feeling really good right now and my coach kinda frowned at me with my thoughts of cross. What is the best way to control me. Take away my bike. I've loaned out my cross bike for the season.

Today was the Barrie Cycling Club cross race being held at Hardwood Hills. A perfect day to be a spectator. I did ride this morning. Did you know that the roads are empty at 8am on a Sunday morning. I got to Hardwood just in time to see the 11:30 race. I also got to see my bike in action. I've said it before, Brett Matthews is a kid to watch over the next couple years. I figured someone fast should be riding my bike.
Yes those squeals are coming from bikes brakes. Nice tuning I must say.

Brett battled it out with team mate Steve Noble in the final stages of the race finishing 5th.

The 1pm race brought out the big boys in Ontario. It was awesome watching Andrew Watson and Mike Garrigan destroy the course. Mike road up hill that 99 percent of the riders had to dismount and run. He led from start to finish in Elite. Andrew finished 3rd. The pace they set was scary as they lapped some of the Master 1 racers.

My computer is being a little stubborn right now and won't let me upload another video. That or it's the fact it's Sunday night and I just want to relax.

More later

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