Sunday, November 23, 2008

A day of play

I know I've been bad at posting the last little bit but all I have been doing is packing. Well finally I'm done. The house is pretty much packed up. I'm not sleeping on the floor yet but that's where the tv is, everything else is in cardboard. I did get out for a little seat time on Saturday though. The conditions were right for a road ride. Unfortunately some of my cold weather gear is packed away, more specifically my winter booties.

I managed to get 2 hours in before the numbness turned to a little bit of pain. Did you know that you can get an ice cream headache while riding a bike. I've never ridden my brakes so much. Anything over 40km/h and I swear my brain was starting to freeze.

Today was a reward day for all the grunt work of the week. Since central Ontario is pretty much covered in white stuff the only place to ride some singletrack was Toronto. Yep, the mountain bike capital of the world. This was a day of play.

I picked up Jacob McClelland just outside of Barrie and headed south with my a couple single speeds on the roof. Lots of people were checking out his pimped out CCM. Every time I see that carbon crank on it I just laugh. The first stop of the day was the Don Valley Trails. It's been a few years since I've been down there but I remembered lots of off camber stuff. What I forgot about was the clay.

They have really developed the trail since the last time I was there with lots of stunts, bridges and log rides. It's not very long, I think it took about 45 minutes to go from one end to the other but in the core of the city it's pretty cool. The trail was in really good shape on the way out but got slick as the temperature rose. There were a few sections that got a little sketchy.

Destination two brought us on the other side of the Don Valley to Riverdale Park for the Provinial Cyclocross Championships. We got down early enough to stand in a 30 minute line up for bbq sausages. Recovery food? Did I mention that the Beer tent was right next to the bbq. Both happened to be placed right beside the only barriers on the course. Oh and the barriers were a little higher than average with a tough right hand turn going into them. Yep, drunk people with street meat cheering on riders, especially the ones that didn't make it. Mike and Andrew didn't have any problems.

Andrew and Mike road away from everyone putting at least a 2 minute gap on third. Andrew stayed about 10 seconds behind Mike for most of the race but a crash opened up the gap.

In the end Mike Garrigan took the win and Andrew second. Not sure If Andrew has put up a report yet but it would be worth checking out. Look to your right for a link to his site.

Well that's about it for now. Time to relax and watch the boxes. 4 days till move day.


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