Thursday, November 27, 2008

Update. 15 hours till move time. Everything is all on track with the lawyers, real estate agents and the money man. I asked nicely but they won't give me my extra money in a black suitcase filled with non sequential $5 and $10 bills. Maybe I should have asked for a big jar of toonies instead.

I swear I feel the same way as I do when I'm lining up for a race. My stomach has been going completely nuts all day and feel like I want to gag up a lung. Those who have had that bad timing of lining up beside me at the start line know the more I gag the better I do. Today I hit the podium.

One other major thing happened in the last few days. Rick, Richard, GOLONGHARDMAN(not with my sister),a name I can't type on here finally asked my sweet innocent little sister to marry him. In her weakened moment she said yes. It's about dam time.

Congratulations you two.

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