Thursday, November 27, 2008

The count down is on. Less than 24 hours from now I'm getting my ass evicted from my current residence. Dead beat!!! It looks like my first ever apartment in here, even sleeping on the floor.

The dog and cat are thinking I'm smoking crack and have pawned off all their toys and beds. It will all be done in 24 hours. I would rather be dealing with 24 hours on the bike than the next 24 hours of this.

So the real story now. I bought a 1930's home about 15 minutes from my current house.

I've been in this place for 10 years and just don't feel like being a landlord anymore, plus I wanted a bigger place. I've been in this town for most of my life and really liked it here but a huge waterfront development was the final straw that prompted me to move. Sold my place to another investor.

I've done minimal activities the last few days unless packing is considered basic endurance. Heather has adjusted my training accordingly but has warned me that after Sunday;s power test that here nice sweet side of her will disappear and the whip comes out.

This will be my first year training with power and by warnings of Andrew it's going to hurt but the end results are huge. Hmmm I'm a little scared. I'll be using a Tacx Flow trainer for my abuse. A power tap hub may come in the future.

Internet use will be limited over the next week until Roger's shows up. I may start to get the shakes without it. Will update when I can.

Wish me luck.

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