Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is my world for the next week.

As much as I would have liked to keep a little functionality to my house it's pretty much gone to "do I really need it right now, nope, pack it" Of course some things were packed before the snow came. Yep, xc ski gear is somewhere at the bottom of the pile. I've already broken into one packed box so I was able to play outside.

Sunday was spent NOT RACING and after much public ridicule from Peter I thought I would show you what I did instead. Look back to that first picture. The afternoon was considerable more enjoyable.

Sue got me out of my house for a romp in the snow at McCrae Lake.

It would have been a perfect day for a winter paddle.

The top of the Crow's Nest.

Monday was a little more enjoyable. The Monday Night Ride Crew were pretty much forced to hang up the bikes. Down come the snowshoes or in my case start digging through boxes to find them.

Andrew brought Starbuck who kept the Molly Monster distracted.

Photo credit is to Lee. I would have stole the video to post here if I was able to. Just under two hours of "Hey I think the trail is over this way" and "Where the hell are we?" before we made our way back to the cars. Amongst our noise were loud cracks as trees and branches snapped with the snow load. I think we spent more time climbing on fallen trees than on solid ground.

As for tonight's thrills. Please refer to the first picture. Who's stupid idea was it to move anyways.

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