Saturday, December 6, 2008

connected again

Talk about withdrawal. The longest week of my life with no Internet. Where to begin, so much has happened in the last week. I'm in the new house. Lets just say that I have zero motivation to move for a long time. Who are these lunatic people that turn over houses and move every couple years. Even for the money I wouldn't do it again.

I guess that hints how the move when. The movers were scheduled for the afternoon and were supposed to call an hour ahead of time. Ya that didn't happen. I was just leaving my place with a loaded wagon with bikes on the roof when I see a moving truck heading in the direction of the house. 5 minutes after 12. Well they did say afternoon. Had I I been 5 minutes faster out the door I would have missed them.

Of course I had already been up for 8 hours at this point and full of coffee. Hey I was excited and was awake at 4am. Wouldn't you be? I was well beyond my normal strung out wired self so sitting and watching these guys load a truck was not enjoyable for me. Oh and at $120 an hour I obviously wanted them hauling ass.

I didn't realize I had as much stuff as I did, that or they managed to make it look like I did. It was kinda interesting watching the biggest guy in the crew carrying the smallest loads. Finally loaded up, 3 hours later, yep longer than estimated by the quote giver, we were on route to the new place. Forgot to mention that they couldn't get everything in the truck. Ya, as i mentioned I didn't think I had that much stuff.

Unloading wasn't much better. At least I was able to do some unpacking and sorting. No they did not move any of my bikes. I'm brave but not stupid. Another 3.5 hours later and now putting some beer into my system the truck was empty. I swear the movers were the fastest in the last 15 minutes of it. I managed to get another couple hours of unpacking in. It's amazing how beer can keep you moving, maybe I should try that at the next 24 hour. Hey Matt, Infinit Rep, can you do some sort of mix of Alexander Keith's in to my formula??

Of course I was completely exhausted the next day, didn't stop me from doing more unpacking. This all added to the fun of things. Sunday was my power test. I had some ideas of what the results would be. My quads have never hurt so much at the upper end of the test. I was down in top end wattage, kinda understandable, but every other part of it was up. Heather based my training on these numbers for the month.

Yep the Tacx Flow is setup and I'm training with wattage this year. Yep, it's also going to hurt but the results in the end should be great. My bikes are here also but that along with a review on the Tacx will be later.

The house is great, the Molly Monster and Oakley the fat cat are already at home and shedding like normal. I've found out that I already have two great neighbours, one has even snowplowed most of my driveway twice. Trust me that's a bonus since it's about 200 feet long plus the parking area. We have been hammered with snow almost every day and have a good 2-3 feet already. Yep no outdoor riding.

Alright time to go ride the vomit comet on the puke machine. 1.5 hour interval session today.


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Little Scotia Lori said...

Thank Heaven it's DONE, EH???