Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cruel and unusual punishment

The winter weapon of choice? Unfortunately its an inside toy. This winter will be a new training routine for me. Heather has me training with power, that means something new to hurt myself with. Self inflicted pain by ways of the Tacx Flow wattage trainer.

I looked into a couple different options for power training. SRM cranks are sweet but also have a nasty price tag. Power tap was another option but that restricted me to one bike, I still may look into a wheel eventually. The final option was the trainer. Two companies to look into, Computrainer which is a great unit. I've used Heather's a few times and like it. Tacx is the other. Now since I really don't need to play video games while riding I opted for the Flow.

The display is great and adjustments are easy to do with the increments going up in 10 watt jumps. A cadence sensor is also included. There are a few more options but i have yet to really play with it.

The one perk over the computrainer is the price. About $700 less. That was a major decision maker for me since I didn't need all the additional options that the other trainers offered.

The workout yesterday was hard, I never realized how long each second really is when you are at the upper end of you threshold. This is endurance intervals but they still hurt alot.

With the 3 feet of snow outside it looks like all my bike time will be spent on that little white torture device. That means I don't get to play with these for a few more months.

Orange is the new fast? More on them a little later. Relax time



Anonymous said...

Matt - does the Flow power device itself connect to the computer to download workout info to the computer? Or, it is just a stand alone unit?

Matt Spak said...

It doesn't connect during use, it's a stand alone unit showing speed, wattage, cadence and adjustable slope.

I think there are some programs on Tacx' website that can be downloaded and inputed on it. I've yet to really see all the toys on it. Right now I'm trying to keep my eyes from being crossed while on it.

Here is a link to their workout programs