Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yo Adrian

I'm on the Rocky Balboa active recovery training schedule. While all my competition is working away in the gym and trainer I've gone to brute grunt work training mode.

Moving fire wood from the driveway to the house is a little more demanding that one may think. Spent an hour and a half going back an forth with a sled tonight. Hey if it worked for Rocky. He beat the big Russian. Hmmm I should start checking now, as long as they are Russian I'm going to beat them hands down. I wonder if there are any 24 hour races in Russia??

The wattage work out yesterday was tough. 4x 4 minutes 85 percent intervals followed by a 10 minute recovery section. Then do it again. Interestingly enough I felt better in the last couple reps than near the beginning. Kinda like the way I race. Go out hard, blow up, then come back.

Yes there is a bike review coming on the Anthem's. Maybe tomorrow.

I wonder if Apollo Creed is available for support crew next year?



Anonymous said...

Dude...Apollo cant be in your corner. He's dead - the Russian killed him. Rocky's Uncle Mickey might be available.

Trek-fan said...

Yeah, or how about Mr. T? Clubber Lang, was that his name? "You betta pedal harder fool or I'm gonna break your bones!!!"

OilcanRacer said...

you know i was thinking the same thing. that in the winter i feel stronger on the later half of the workouts than the first.

the rest of the year its the oppostie. i guess all that holding back to stay under a certain level instead of push push push.

besides you need someone like hulk hogan or that "snap into a slim jim" guy in your corner. you know "loud and proud" kind of yelling.

Anonymous said...

Loud and Richard Simmons...ha ha ha ha!!!