Monday, December 22, 2008

Screw Santa!!!!

I'm not going to wait for Santa this year. Screw Him!!! 2 bikes instead of a pony, hmmm well I can't take a chance on this request. Where were you 20 something years ago? Were you riding a bike? If you were a bet you watched this movie a hundred times.

I couldn't take a chance that Santa could read my horrible writing. After the screw up with the pony something tells me I might see this in my stocking instead of my original inspiration.

So where was I when this movie came out. Doing exactly what they were. I loved BMX and flatland freestyle. I guess it's now called street. At 16 instead of asking for a car I wanted a comp level freestyle bike. Yep I got it. A Kuwahara Magician EX. It was sweet. Yellow and fully equiped with a Odyssey Gyro, 48's and pegs everywhere. I swear I had it no less than 24 hours before I warped a wheel doing a table top of a kick ramp and landing on flat ground. Ya the art of dirt jumping was still a few years away.

That bike was my life. It started me towards the addiction I have now. Of course back then I had the other addiction of cigarettes. Ya you could do tricks with a smoke in your mouth. Ya, if I had only learned at 16.

Off Road to Athens, good movie and drama. Breaking Away, one of the originals bike movies. Quicksilver, I didn't know that Kevin Bacon could ride a bike. I think that was the start of the fixes and singlespeed addiction. 24 Solo, yes the inspiration to many, including myself. It reminds us that the best hurt just as much in these events as the rest of us. Rad. Where to start!!! Here is the link if you want your own copy of the greatest bike movie ever.

I'll be counting the days till my copy arrives. I've already let a few of the guys know and we will be doing the flash back premier screening on the projector. Nothing like retro 80's bmx on the big screen.


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