Thursday, December 18, 2008

Since Santa has been really nice to me lately I thought I might ask for one more thing. I have always wanted to be a super hero. I've been thinking about it long and hard trying to come up with a really good name. Got it.

I will now be Iron Stomach Man. I would be able to eat nails and spit out rivets. Nothing could stop me with the ability to eat anything I saw. I would be bursting with energy and never ever get a cramp. Ya, ok, a few of you have lined up beside me at a race. I sound like I should be curled over praying to a porcelain god after a bender the night before. I probably was.

I've been trying to find a fuel that my stomach can handle. I've been using Infinit's product for a while now and love it. In the past I've been using a sport drink and eating gels during long races and mixing in some sustained energy. Well it' works but it's alot of playing around with mixes for sodium, calories and biggest thing taste.

I've never been able to drink anything at it's recommended mix rate because it is just overkill in taste. That is not the case anymore. Depending on your needs you would have to either add more or less of a scoop to your bottle. With Infinit you design the mix ratio to your body before you order it.

I've been using the premixed stuff for the indoor season and it's awesome. The 5 hour mix has 250 calories in it, what does that mean. No gels needed. So simple. For the hard trainer sessions I've been using the 2 hour race mix which is really easy on my stomach but giving my body everything it needs.

Just to make people nervous I also have their Jet Fuel mix. The name gives you an idea. Caffeine is mixed in there. Yep, I'm like a five year old who just ate a box of chocolate bars. This will be my secret weapon next year. You will know I'm on it because I will probably be a little twitchy while lining up.

So here is the big thing with this stuff. My wonderfully screwed up stomach really likes it. Check out the options at the link to the right. If you are really nice and ask Santa maybe I can send you a link so you get 10% off.

I'm off the bike for the next few days, this is a very crazy time of year for work. For some reason people want their appliance all working for Christmas dinner. The interesting part of it is that alot of them broke a few months ago but it wasn't important to them back then.

That's it for now.


Anonymous said...

You say the 5 hr mix has 250cals. Do you mean 250 cals for 5 hrs or 250 cals per hr is the rate for the 5 hr mix?

Matt Spak said...

It's actually 274 calories and that would be in each bottle. This also has some protein in it along with other things needed for long races.