Sunday, December 14, 2008

All I want for Christmas

It's Christmas time and I have been a good boy. I sent my letter to Santa with my one big Christmas wish.

A pony. All I really want is a pony, I have the yard for a pony now. Wouldn't you like a pony?

Well I think Santa had a talk with the Ruppel brothers and they voiced their concerns.

Did I mention that I wanted to ride the pony at Summer Solstice next year. I think the conversation went a little like this.

Spak wants what? He wants to ride it at our 24 hour race. What type of drugs are they mixing with his EPO?? I actually think Sean would be a little more willing.

I guess the additional speed bumps the pony would leave on the trail would give me some sort of advantage. Come on, the pony could bonk, and probably wouldn't go downhill as fast as everyone else. Where is the advantage?? As for single track skills I guess I will never get a chance to find out.

Well Santa made a couple phone calls and the wonderful people at Giant stepped up to keep a kid happy on Christmas morning. Christmas morning came a few weeks early this year. Told you I was a good boy this year.

Next season I will be playing with 2 Giant Anthem X1's. This is a set up for them this season with the bas design coming of the Trance. This is a 4 x 4, literally with 4 inch travel front and rear. It was a pretty easy decision going with the X1 over the X0. Biggest difference between the two bikes are the wheels and drivetrain. Well I already have a couple pairs of Crossmax's. A wheel I love and I have so much Sram stuff I could use there was no point.

The X1 comes with XT/XTR. I have been a Sram fan for the last couple years but I don't think I will be changing things on this bike. Shimano has really stepped up their components this year. Dave from Georgian Cycle flat out said lets try it out as it sits. He too is really impressed with the new changes. I do like the options on the shifter to either thumb or trigger.

Suspension is covered by a Fox Float RP2 in the rear. Giant has changed their setup this year with a square down tube which increase structural strength, Up front is a RockShox Sid Team.

Right out of the box with all reflectors etc on it the bike was 24.58 lbs. That's with the stock WTB/Mavic wheel set which is a nice build but still heavier than the SLR's I've yet to weigh the bikes since the wheel swaps but to see close to 24 lbs flat.

It will be a while before I get a chance to play on either of them. Central Ontario is under about 2.5 plus feet of snow. It's also been crazy cold until this morning. With temperatures just below the freezing mark this morning I couldn't turn down a chance to get an outdoor ride in. The trainer is one thing but that wonderful feeling of coasting was needed. It was also an attempt to pedal the pain out of my legs from the wattage workout out on Friday night. Was able to push an hour and a half out of my toes before they yelled at me to head in.


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