Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I know I haven't written much in the last few days. There really hasn't been much happening and after still having nightmares about my brother-in-laws video the camera has me a little scared.

Got together with my coach on Sunday night and talked a little this and a little that. The big thing is getting me in that happy place of wanting to be on the puke machine.

Well after a weekend of crazy weather and almost all the snow disappeared it left the roads in great shape. the temperature was just above the freezing mark and the sun was out. What better motivation for me than a good long road ride on my favorite loop.

Headed out armed with 2 bottles a couple gels and 3 dollars. What more do you need? I figured I would be about 2 hours or so. The roads still had a hard packed layer of snow on them in places so the cross bike was an easy choice. With no really training focus I just turned my feet and checked out the scenery.

Stopped at the Big Chute for a short break and to check out water levels after the 2 days of plus 10 and pouring rain. The rapids were wild and looked more like spring than December.

This is my usual place to top up bottles etc. Who would have thought that a marina store would be closed on a Monday in December. Come on there has to be lots of boat traffic at this time. Time reference needed.The Big Chute loop is about 65 km long with no short cut back. Normally I can do this section in under 2 hours during the summer time. I'm on holidays for the next week which means that my technical thinking brain is not really working right now otherwise I would have added together a better time estimate for this ride. At 33-35 km/h while on my road bike with slicks and an air temp well above the freezing mark equals under 2 hours.

Now factor in a cross bike with nobby tires, mix that in with snow and slushy roads and add a hint of cold air. To top it off add on December legs. Yep those poor weak excuse of legs in there and my ride turned into just under a 3.5 hour tour. A bonk was doing it's very best to catch me near the end as I came into Port Severn where a sugar kick from a Mars bar got me the rest of the way home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent putting in something I've always wanted in a house. An indoor area to wash my bikes.

\Wasted space with a laundry tub. Out it goes. I bought a bath tub from the Restore store which sends all the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.

The cross bike was the first in line to get spic an span clean.

I'm getting back into full force abuse as of January 2. My next power test and a revamped schedule. More to come.

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