Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm posting more now than I have in the last few weeks. Must be the cold or maybe the fact that it's dark at 6:30 or just the fact that I have nothing better to do. Probably a combination of all 3 with emphasis on the last.

With the call of snow. Yep the S word, goes well with the F word. Not that F word, flurries in the forecast I figured I better enjoy the pavement while I can still see it. At least we are not getting the up to 20cm of snow that my friends in Ottawa are getting. Suckas!!!!

The wind has been nuts the last couple days and temperatures just above the freezing mark I headed for the hills. At least with climbing there is a lower windchill. The intensity level is pretty low right now and I have been enjoying it. Headed out towards Vasey line and the long way into Coldwater. This is a great route with rolling hills and a couple long climbs. I also rode past the new house. I know I'm a little ahead of myself since I have yet to see a sold sign on this house yet. AWWW the new projects. 2 hours of pavement was all my fingers and toes could handle.

A project on the go is my 1994 Gardini road bike. I bought the frame off my sister a couple years ago and had yet to do anything with it. At first I started to set it up as a fixed gear and did get a few rides on it but then it went back to collecting dust. Well it's under full out construction now.

Building it as a 1x9 with 42 tooth up front and a 12-25 rear. This will be my crap weather bike. Friction shifter linked to a Sram x-9 means shifting will never be a problem. A set of Mavic Aksiums will still keep the bike pretty quick and with good ol steel construction the ride will be smooth. Brakes and levers are in transit from Georgian Cycle. It's a pretty pimped out bike for what it's going to be used for. I'll get a few pictures up once it's finished.

I did manage to amuse a couple cows on my ride. Made me feel special. Time to get the shovels ready. Arg



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