Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ummm way to much for a title

So much going on that I don't know where to start. So the line of the day "I am officially done racing for 2008 except for the 5-6 cross races and the night race and the ??, let me rephrase that i am officially done training. I'm still going to play in some short races but if I get on the bike it will be for fun. No zone training, no hill repeats, no making myself puke with intervals. All play time.

Of course this is all at great timing. It looks like I will be moving, Have a conditional offer in on a house and my place has now hit the market. The decision on being a landlord while living a little distance away was pretty easy. I don't have enough time. The new house is amazing and has everything that I want. Fingers are crossed. Of course when better to move than during the off season, couldn't imagine doing it during peak training.

So speaking of next season I'm happy to introduce a new sponsor and one that has me really excited. So of course nutrition during races has always been a bit of a problem for me. Eating is hard to do. Well this will eliminate this problem.

I'll be using INFINIT for 2009. For those that have never heard of them, you need to check out there site. This is custom designed sport drink. If you are a sweat monster you can adjust the sodium accordingly, same with calories, protein, carbs and can even add the caffeine kick. Yep, no more cans of coke. There are premixed packages also which range from short races to recovery. They also design drinks for just about every other sport.

Yep, no more gels, cans of cokes, attempts on eating bars. One thing I like is that I can control the taste without adjusting the other levels. Full strength recommendations from most companies is pretty intense and they all seem to taste like crap once they are warm. Of course me and my wonderful stomach (which many of you have heard at the start line) will be very happy. No thinking just drinking. Works for me!!!!

Alright back to cleaning my house. There is summer clean, winter clean and then comes sell the house clean. I like the first two, the last one, no comment.


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