Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall riding in Ontario can be alot of fun. Ok let me rephrase that fall trail riding in Ontario can be very interesting. Pretty much all the leaves are down which means finding the trail can be tough. I've been trying to get as much trail time in before the evils of winter come knocking.

Of course the weather report for this weekend was supposed to be crap and I had the first session on the trainer planned for today. I can deal with rain during the spring when I'm getting close to race form but riding in the cold and wet in the fall really doesn't excite me to much. Yep, being wimpy about suffering

Well procrastination paid off. The clouds cleared and the phone rang. This all happened about 20 minutes before I jumped on the hamster wheel. Andrew basically yelled at me for even thinking about not riding outside today. Well I did get my revenge. Loaded the car, the Molly Monster and the full suspension up and headed down to Andrew's place. Tom's forest was the playground for the day.

Now about my revenge on Andrew. So I am far from any type of fashion guru, hell I think jeans, t shirt and sandals are dressing up BUT I do know that you never wear socks and sandals while wear shorts. Now this just takes it to the next level.
Rubber boots and spandex has Walmart written all over it. I was actually hoping he was going to wear them while riding.

Anyways the trails were great. Just under 3 hours of strictly singletrack is so good for the soul. We cut over to the 7th line grid but were shut down pretty quick. They are logging this section and trying to track the trail was almost impossible. The rest of the trails off the 8th line were in great shape. Alot of planning for the 2009 race season happened during this ride. I know way to early to be planning for next year but that's just me.

Of course my other training partner had a great run. I tired dog is a happy dog.

Tomorrow is another day to play.


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