Thursday, October 16, 2008

24 hour training for 2009??? Sorta

Had a package delivered today. No inflate-a-dates, no pink flamingos, no whoopee cushions. For those wondering, all of the above is on my Christmas list. This was a good package though. My first round of Infinit arrived today and I had a ride planned for the evening. Perfect time to try things out. I've been really excited about this stuff. I'm just using the ready mix 5 hour training mix for the time being. Heather and I will figure out the mix for 24 hour races in a few months. Lets just say that I really like it. Light taste which is fantastic. I hate overkill flavour because it has a tendency to kill the taste buds and when it's warm, well lets not go there. My wonderful stomach had zero problems which also has me very very happy. This is one part of prep for next season. The other is basic training. I've been riding with Heather (the slave driver) when I can. Gives us lots of time to plan and also keeps me riding sane. It also gave me a chance to play with my new toy.
Picked up a new mini video camera, neat little toy. Ok back to the tonight's adventure. It was play time in Tom's forest. It's a great place to do some fun base rides. Of course this is when you can see. We left at 5:20 with 2 loops planned. As you can see above, the trails are in great shape. This was a rare clear section, most were leaf covered. Either way we could see. The fun of fall riding is the fact that you can do a night ride without waiting till 10 pm. Or in this case 7 pm. As we finished up the second loop the light disappeared quickly. Yes I have lights, so does Heather, They seem to work better if you bring them with you. I think Heather's had a little plan with tonight. I love night riding and I usually don't slow down very much when the night laps come. Well here is the new master plan. I will ride my night laps in stealth. I can sneak up on my competition and pass them without ever being seen. Of course this means practice of riding blind and using the force. Yes we are riding in this video.
By the time we got back to the car this idea was pretty much sent to the bottom of the prep list. Back to the original plan of slashing everyones tires at the start line.

Wow, hard to believe that I'm already thinking about 2009.

Time to eat some carrots, just in case the tire slashing thing fails.


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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Kari and I rode in the dark with no lights the other night too and it was so fun!