Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The OCD worker

That is the best way to describe me most days, yesterday was that evil first day back at work and lets just say that I was dragging my ass most of the morning. Walking up and actually having to do, stuff. I was yawning by mid day and the thought of riding the bike was at a minimum. It was a rest day but that sometimes is bumped for a MNS ride. I was grumpy, yes when I am draggy this turn me grumpy. Riding and being social was not in the cards.

So what does a grumpy tired OCD worker do when he gets home from a visit with Dr. Bill. No, I didn't go and sit on the couch. No, I didn't do yoga and stretching. No I didn't go to bed early and catch up on sleep. I moved dirt, more specifically limestone screenings. The other 3 options were the proper answer. The big pile that is sitting in the driveway is now almost gone as it's been spread and become THE driveway. It's funny but doing this grunt work for some reason made me less grumpy, I think it was because I happened to consume a beer while doing it.

The pile was almost gone and I was tempted to keep going but the stomach hinted for food and I paused. I heard a rumble that was not coming from me, Mother Nature agreed that it was time for me to be done. A few minutes later the rain was coming down. Still not enough. It return to the bike tonight. Attempts will be made to not pick up that shovel tonight.

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