Monday, June 21, 2010

Highs and lows

The weekend has been very interesting, mostly fun, unfortunately finished on a low note. For the moment. Great ride in Copeland on Saturday, no major hammering. Great company, no rain, all good.

Followed it up with the 2nd of many rounds of the fixie ride. Another group of 9 headed out to fuel up on dinner and beer. The night was filled with cheap parlour tricks like watching Tristan turn around on the seat on the death machine while Jacob pedaled.

Yes, the Shake'N"Bake twins mounted up a tandem again for the ride and even followed the protocol and turned it into a fixed gear. You know there would be potential death in the ride. Once at the establishment of choice things continued on the light side with some interesting one liners, "What type of dark beers do you have?" The waitress started to list things off like this " We have Budweiser, and" She got to there and was interrupted with "Bud is not a dark beer". Her response "it's in a brown bottle." You know the night was going to go downhill from that moment on. Yep it did.

Stories were told, beer after beer was consumed, food was eaten. We found out that Andrew has been sporting a secret super hero identity and pulled off the best Clark Kent to Superman impression. Norco would be proud. DZ and GK may want to watch out.

The return trip was equal to this, yes the sense of balance was gone. The night continued on. Great day.

Sunday was a little of the reverse of fun. Thought the new car was supposed to be ready, went to T.O. to pick it up to my disappointment it was not. Of course the typical salesman run around got me a wee bit pissed. Thought all was not lost for the day and headed to Albion Hills to ride the 24 hour course, in the parking lot I realized that I forgot to pack shorts. 4 hours of driving with absolutely nothing done pretty much frustrated my energy level and spent the rest of the day napping and stretching.

Attempts on a better day for today will be made, work, riding, new car? Hoping it will be a 3 for 3 type day.

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