Friday, June 18, 2010

More of my backyard

Yet again I am amazed at what I have in my backyard that makes being a cyclist/racer just a natural thing to be. I've gone on and on about the trails that are all so close that it almost links to my yard. There is Copeland forest, Hardwood Ski and Bike, Mountainview, 7th line grid of Sugar bush and the 8th. Of course there is even my little trail 2 minutes from my house for those short rides on a time budget.

Then there is the recovery stuff like Georgian Bay for paddling, I won't even start into what we have here in the winter time because the list continues to grow. What I'm thinking about right now is roads, miles and miles of roads. I've yapped about the Big Chute Loop many times and time spent on the waterfront paved rail trail, the climbs that are around the ski resorts etc. Well out on the ride yesterday I found yet another former gravel road getting fresh blacktop being put down.

This is the 5th line of Vasey road, this road happens to have the most amazing climb that was only ride able on a mountain bike. This is also a road that is not on a popular commuter route which means low traffic. Not that there is all that much traffic in this area to begin with. The temptation to ride the road was there but the thought of blowing tires by the far from cool asphalt pretty much shut that thought down. Instead, I made my way along the 4th which was paved last year.

The wonders from my house, if I head east from my house I can stay on pretty flat roads for hours on end, if I head a little west I can be in the big hills of Oro/Medonte. The options are limitless. I added a couple of those random left turns saying lets see how far this goes last night and found myself on yet another road that I had know idea existed. The few homes in the area had people almost looking at me strange since they're probably not used to much traffic either.

The ride was full of distractions but overall not to bad. My legs seem to still be carrying a few more pounds of dead weight fatigue in them than I would like but seem to be recovering well. My continued time spent stretching seems to be helping the rest of the body.

Time for more coffee. Might need it, planning on chasing around every asphalt filled dump truck screaming "where are you going!!!" This could lead me to new roads, it might lead me to riding around someones driveway. Intervals on a 30 x 10 driveway might be interesting.

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