Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If a tree falls in the forest

Does anyone hear it, see it, ride in to it? Well that theory may have been proven in some different ways last night. The first in a long time of the Monday Night Something ride could not have come at a better time. Everyone was feeling a little achy after the thrills of Sunday and needed that chill ride which also turned into a bit of a comic relief. Rules were broken though, one of the main rules were broken. Seems that everyone was good with it though.

The idea that these are supposed to be done on our single speeds, which we all have has pretty much been tossed aside, there was lots of shifting happening last night. With the summer solstice coming no lights were needed, riding till after 9 and still having daylight at the end was amazing. Of course this killed the idea of me getting a little night riding in before the 24 hour. Last night ride was back when there was snow on the ground still.

There were two bear attacks last night to Tristan's wheels, just random jumping and pummeling for absolutely no reason. These are the notorious but rarely seen tree bears that lay possum on trail edges looking for a half decent meal. I figure Tristan was the only one that didn't look frail and sickly thin and was the cyclist of choice. If they had only waited a little longer and saw the cat food eating, couch potatoing fat girl that was formally the fastest dog in Ontario cycling. The Molly Monster was in chase for the hour.

There were freeride north shore style sections that had us all thinking we are ready to make some kick ass video. There were so many things jammed into that one hour ride that we all commented that it was perfect. Legs were feeling great afterwards, my dog is tired and burned some calories, the do's and don'ts about passing the tree bear were learned.

It's going to be a pretty chill week with a couple more of those rides before the thrills of the weekend.

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