Wednesday, June 23, 2010

prep and play

The original play to make my way down to Albion Hills for a loop of the course pretty much went out with the rain. I'm concerned of flashback shakes that may or may not happen if I'm at that place while it's raining. Also assumed that the course would be shut down for pre-rides regardless. Instead I headed out on the hardtail for some cadence stuff and one legged stunt riding. It was one of those days that I knew I would be on the road but I didn't want to ride the road bike.

This ended up being a great thing as I did yet another one of my let's turn left on this road and see where it goes which ended up being a gravel road which turned in to a dirt road which eventually narrowed to a tractor trail. 10-15 minutes later I came back out to the main road all of 100 feet from where I started. Kept it interesting. Planning and packing was what was on my mind as the countdown numbers are getting smaller, quickly.

The list is getting a little smaller, bikes are being tuned.

The tent is on a true interior camping trip, it's currently setup in my fire wood room. Pete, notice that this room is empty, great crossfit workout this fall!!!

Lights are charging, clothing including rain and cold temperature gear is being packed. Last year I brought what I needed to race, this year I'm bringing what I'll need to party!!!!! I did all this fun stuff while sporting my newest investment.

Sporting some compression tights, they feel good. I've heard the rave, I've read some reviews and now I've spent some money, They could come to be a benefit this weekend. If all else fails there will be drugs, Advil is my friend sometimes.

Attempts to do a short intensity ride tonight that may include a weekly race series. Hoping

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