Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just riding along

After yet another day in the grown up world of work the return to my fun job of riding bikes has begun, at a very slow pace. All day the wind was intense and had me really debating about riding the Big Chute Loop. It's not that I don't like riding in the wind, it's not my favourite thing in the world but it seemed to be strong enough to blow the toaster box of a work truck around a lot and I wondered what would happen if I went head first into it on a bike. I was very concerned that I would come to a stop very quickly. So I didn't go.

Instead I loaded up a dirt liking type bike and made my way to my big backyard with my favourite training partner. I figured in my weakened state that bringing the dog with me might be a good idea, if I died out there she could do her best Lassie impression and get to Ranger Bob just in time and would save my life with moments to spare. I know we're talking about the Molly Monster but I can hope can't I.

It took only 5 minutes for me to realize that I'd made the better decision to the ride destination and that my legs are cooked. Today that slightly out of shape dog of mine set the pace and she got to stop a few times and look back at me hinting, Keep Up!!! I was doing my bestest but was more just out to enjoy things. We made some random lefts and rights and let's just say I was actually shocked when I saw this.

I attempted to prove them wrong but when Molly got attacked by flies so we turned around.

More lefts and rights had me find yet another new trail that I'd never seen before. I saw a couple more but the energy level was fading so we started to head back towards the car. A grand total of an hour and 10 minutes and an extremely low average heart rate. It's not that I didn't try even though I some how managed to climb just over 300 feet in Copeland, yes only 300 feet. I didn't think I was going to be able to piece together that much flat trails in a row and avoid Mile High and the Wall but I did. I'm expecting a good week plus before the horsepower starts to return closer to normal, this will leave the thought of the next Ontario Cup up in the air even though I'm off to Buckwallow today to play around a little.

Sporting the jersey, reminded me why I felt weak. I find it comical that a 5"10, 153 lbs man fits into a small jersey. Time for some more coffee.

Happy Canada Day

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