Monday, July 19, 2010

Reading her mind? It's a scary thought.

After a year of crap yesterday where Mother Nature seemed to hate not only me but every other cyclist by throwing just about every type of weather at us for some reason this year she seems to continue to be nice on her timing. Another long ride was completed and rain drops only came down at a point of concern 15 minutes after I was in the house.

I enjoyed some company for over half the ride, my sister was down from Ottawa and came armed with a road bike so that meant one thing, Big Chute Loop. Not knowing how strong she thought she would be I rolled out one of the Anthem's, figured my ride after she was done may include some dirt. Pretty much uneventful ride except for two separate idiots. One happened to be in a pickup with a big ass boat towed behind and decided that he thought it was a good idea to pass us on a blind turn. Of course you know that there will always be a car coming the other way. Idiot boy cut in, I was pushed on to the shoulder, very happy I was on a bike with big wide tires that are designed to not have me die when they touch dirt.

The second moron was about on par with his bus, close to the same results but this time it was my sister who was persuaded to the edge of the road. Sunday afternoon always brings out the stupid drivers heading home from the cottage. Trails are safer. So are rough gravel roads where I finished up my ride with a total of 4 hours. Legs felt good the whole time.

Some serious time was spent doing that pre race clean up with the 8 hour only a few days away. Looking at the weather also has me wondering what Mother Nature's intentions may be. Last year things were great for them until the 6 hour mark when she unleashed her fury. Like a few races last year it was shut down early. Hopefully that won't be the case but I'm getting prepared just in case.

Note the mud tires on one of the Anthem's, Only a couple more rides left and the only dirt time to be done this week will be at Hardwood for the weekly series. Rock the hardtail for that. More excitement tomorrow.

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