Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This and that thoughts

Preparation has yet continued, as the continued threat of rain for this weekend still lingers I'm getting every potential Peirce of equipment needed to deal with the conditions. No I will not be bringing my cross bike to this race. The course would be a little nuts for a cross bike. Coffee run would be certain death.

The biggest prep work being done is what I'm doing to myself. This will be the most dramatic improvement. What am I doing? I'm doing nothing, I'm continuing to do no extra physical activities like build a deck, shovel dirt, move firewood etc etc. Another evening was spent sitting on my ass and watching the world go by after a great treatment from Dr. Bill. Time is being spent stretching and then not wrecking all that great recovery with some more grunt work. It's a weird feeling not being sore. This race I think I will need all the help I can get through. Tough competition, good abusive course, potentially tough weather conditions to deal with.

I'll admit that I'm getting a little excited about the race. After the 24 hour which took forever to recover from I know more and more how much I love the 8 hour distance. Race on Saturday, spend all day eating on Sunday. Currently Sunday weather is looking like the perfect day to be sitting on the deck staring blankly at ??? Some mountain biking will be happening in Europe, some good stuff to watch. Freecaster.com


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