Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's yet another wonderful weekend, I'm avoiding not full focusing on the outdoor conditions and instead staring at coffee and a Top Gear episode. How much Top Gear can one man watch before becoming bored? I'm really not sure but I've watched a lot and still can't turn it off. One of the reasons I race bikes, keeps my from going back to my old ways and be racing cars. The problem with racing cars is that it wasn't exactly legal and since I need my licence for work it makes sense that I race bikes.

So I have two very amazing places I could be today but I can only be at one. Option one is this.

The Collingwood Elvis Festival is on all weekend, tempting for sure to try and get some burning love while wearing my blue suede shoes, Shiver, Brrr , creeped out. Hmmm, well then there is option two.

The Summer 8 Hour at Hardwood Ski and Bike where I can go and get some muddy leg burning love while wearing my grey leather Sidi's.

I've debated, written down the pro's and con's, flipped a coin, spun the bottle, talked to a witch doctor and saw a psychic. In the end it was which ever online registration processed first and it seems that Glenn has his computer stuff running as smooth as his events and I won't be chilling with the King. The 8 hour it is.

Car is packed, bikes are ready, one has mud tires just in case, lots of stretching, 2 pounds heavier in food, the sun is just about to break. Race run down tomorrow. For those that have taken the better option for the day, say hi to the King for me. All of them.

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