Thursday, July 22, 2010

not important but not meaningless

Uncreative morning. Weekly series last night turned into another championship event. Started with 5, then to 4 with Mighty T leading us on a bike that should not even be allowed on the trails. One passed, pace quickened, 2nd passed to chase new leader. I sat behind Tristan, waited for right spot on inside up hill turn and squeezed by. Picked it up and regrouped.

3 of us pushing pretty good, coming down into the finish line stretch and I opted not to drift into a younger kid who was coming into the same area by way of a different course. 10 foot gap was created as the 2 broke free. Crossed the line 2 seconds behind. Leg's felt strong, good confidence boost on strength gauging on the two I was battling with. Comments were made that I can actually go fast for a short time instead of sorta fast for a long time. This was followed up with stories and food at a local restaurant.

Counting down.

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